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Report National Convention 2019

In 2019 Uday came and teached at our national convention. These are the notes and pictures of the convention with permission of Uday. 

Uday Bhosale Convention May 2019 Notes.doc.pdf

Thursday morning:

Thursday afternoon:


Saturday morning:

Saterday afternoon:

Sunday morning:

Sunday afternoon:

Who is Uday?

Uday has been teaching at RIMYI in Pune since 2001 and has participated in medical courses. He was chosen as a teacher for the AFYI national convention in May 2015. Since 2014, he has been part of the team of RIMYI teacher-demonstrators at various Yoganusasanam. Based in Reading, UK, Uday is a very popular teacher, invited to leading yoga centres both in the UK and in other countries, including China. Having acquired his knowledge and physical mastery at source, his teaching is clear, lively, generous and... inspiring. Using simple language, he enables us to deepen our understanding, transform our postures, improve our physical practice and give us new stability, firmness and confidence.