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Technical Committee

The purpose of this committee is to organise certification examinations for Iyengar® yoga teachers in Belgium and Luxembourg. The members of this committee are mainly teachers who, given their level and experience, are qualified to train yoga teachers according to the Iyengar® method.

In accordance with the rules laid down by the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), this committee defines the requirements, the course and the practical procedures for the certification of Iyengar® yoga teachers in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Floriane Palmier

Level3 – Junior Intermediate 3

Committee Chair

I coordinate and organise the various examinations for the BIYAB.

Willy Bok

Level3 – Senior Intermediate 2

I'm active on the Technical Committee as a former chairman, having passed the baton to Floriane Palmier.

Sigrid Rondelez

Level 2 – Junior Intermediate 2

Gustavo Miranda

Level 3

Iyengar Yoga offers such a wide range of possibilities...  I accepted to take part in the
certification committee for i see healthy for our community to widen the
panoply of approaches and visions within Iyengar Yoga."

Eva Kamala Rodenburg

Level 3 – Junior Intermediate 3