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GM and BoD

Annual General Meeting (GM)

The sovereign body that decides on the Association's main policies is the Annual General Meeting, which is held at least once a year. All members are invited to attend, and may suggest that any item they consider useful be added to the agenda. They also have access to the association's moral and financial reports. Each year, the General Meeting must approve the association's accounts and discharge the Board of Directors for its management of the past year. Only members who have agreed to play an active role in the association are entitled to vote. Each member may request this to

Board of Directors (BoD)

The members of the Board of Directors are elected for a period of 3 years (renewable) by the members at a General Meeting. If one or more director positions become vacant, an invitation to apply is sent to all members. The candidate(s) with the highest number of votes are elected. The Board of Directors meets as often as the management of the Association requires. Each member of the Board of Directors is assigned a specific role according to his or her availability and skills. All directors are volunteers. The majority of Board members are certified Iyengar teachers.

Eva Kamala Rodenburg


I love supporting the spread of Iyengar yoga in Belgium. As president of Biyab, I hope that as many people as possible can experience the depth and joy that Iyengar Yoga can bring to life.

Linda Chong


As secretary, I look after contacts between BIYAB members and its committees. The secretariat is also responsible for managing and redirecting communication between the associations and between the association and RIMYI.

Elena Levitskaya


I manage the association's budget and deal with all financial matters.

Juan Benitez

Member of BoD

Being a member of the board allows me to be part of the heart of the association and closely involved in its activities.

Noémie Dujardin

Member of BoD

Getting involved in the Board is a way of giving back, in a different way and on my own scale, all the benefits that yoga gives me and of maintaining the link with those who, like me, love this art.

Nadège Liénard

Member of BoD

It was when I got involved in editing Shangraha (the Biyab magazine) that I realised how important BIYAB is in transmitting the teachings of Guruji and the Iyengar family. Since then, I've tried to do my bit for the association.

The association still needs volunteers to take part in conventions and help spread Iyengar yoga in Belgium and Luxembourg! Contact us to offer your help, even on a one-off basis.

"There is no difference between souls, only between the ideas we have of ourselves".

B.K.S. Iyengar